NetEnt vs. Evolution Gaming: Who Reigns Supreme?

Wondering who will rank supreme between NetEnt and Evolution Gaming? Read below our guide between the two software giants.

The advent of online casinos has seen the rise of competition of software developers in the gambling industry. Among the notable names in the software development sector has been NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. Both entities have developed numerous casino games. This breeds the question, between the two, who reigns supreme? It is a hard battle given both firms specialize in different niches within the gambling sector. NetEnt hails as a front runner in terms of experience in the industry with , but this does not discount Evolution Gaming.

The experience of NetEnt spans over two decades of continued operation versus the Evolution Gaming which was established in 2006. Evolution Gaming specializes in creation of high quality casino games that fits the European audience mostly. On the other hand, NetEnt casts a wide net managing to touch a number of countries with online casinos using their software such as at mandaladhfn . Both firms are industry leaders with creation of innovative products that fits the customer experience of players around the world.

What's the Customer Experience?

Evolution Gaming has a one-stop shop for online casinos involved in production of a vareity of games such as blackjack roulette, baccarat and hold'em games. On the other hand, NetEnt specializes in production of video slots, blackjack, progressive jackpots and table games among many. To tap into the unique customer experience, Evolution Gaming launched the ipad gaming platform that seeks in attracting a new niche of customers. NetEnt has the NetEnt One Touch platform that aims at attracting a new crop of players.

In Game Betting Features

When it comes to features, both service providers offer multiple betting options for the players to choose from. A common feature by both providers includes the split or double down option for the blackjack games which are available in both firms. Evolution Gaming takes a higher ground in providence of a multitude of the bonus features. With the addition of the pre-decision feature, it allows players to make the call at the same time with the first player instead of waiting for one to go with the game play.

Game Selection for Blackjack

When it comes to game options available to players, there is a close tie between the two software developers. However, when it comes to blackjack games, Evolution Gaming takes the lead with numerous classic tables. It features numerous VIP blackjack tables fitted with various formats. It also includes distinctive coloring and designs for each table with a low stake and action pack blackjack options. Players also gain access to live blackjack tables which can further be customized to fit the needs of the player.


User Interface: NetEnt vs Evolution Gaming

In terms of the user interface by both software developers, each has managed to develop an accessible and easy to use the system for their players. This means that players can enjoy their favorite blackjack games without any hassle, even in terms of first time players. NetEnt gains an edge in this sector with offering intricate features that offer players with an history of the game history. This includes the application of the in-game statistics and other on-screen history of the previous dealer game.

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