NetEnt and Red Tiger Merger

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Recently, Netent agreed on a deal to buy the developing slot game company Red Tiger Game Makers. Red Tiger is known for popular games like Mimic Queen and Troll Lord. Online casinos like topnetent-casinos have been getting games from Red Tiger for close to 6 years. Netent purchased the franchise in an all-cash deal.

The transaction settled on additional 23 Million Pounds by 2022 and was completed successfully. The merger is a game changer for Netent as they seek to reaffirm their position in the industry. Popular sites like gothic-links have welcomed the purchase saying they will now get games from Red Tiger severs.

Red Tiger Background

Red Tiger is the best online slot supplier and is specialized in software and casino games. It is also popular for the daily jackpot games. Given its experience in the industry, the company has grown remarkably. It had around 200 employees at the time of purchase. It had operations in the US and abroad.

Red Tiger has a good financial record. Its earnings before taxes and interests stood at 18 Million Pounds in 2019. It was the highest amount posted by a company of its size. It has won awards of innovation in 2017 and 2018. Its biggest year financially was 2019.


Reason for the Purchase

Netent purchased Red Tiger in line with its vision of creating the future of gaming. In the recent years, Netent has invested in global players with the intent of improving customer experience. This looks like a bright move because Red Tiger had the same vision and goals — being the best.

The purchase of Red Tiger provides NetEnt with a chance to capitalize on its excellent technology to support growth. The deal combines two of the best and most creative companies in the gaming industry. This means that both Red Tiger and Netent users will now enjoy wider and improved services.

About Netent Gaming

Netent is a leading gaming company that provides premium gaming experiences to the world's leading casino operators. Since its creation back in 1996, Netent has worked so hard to challenge Microgaming as the biggest game maker. It has had its major successs with games like Quest for Immortality and When Pigs Fly.

Its major commitment, according to its CEO, is helping customers stay ahead of rivals and rip big out of betting games. The company has over 1500 employees and has offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malta and New Jersey. It has won coveted tittles like the most innovative gaming company 5 times.

Benefits of the Integration

It is no secrete that Netent will get stronger after the purchase of Red Tiger. Microgaming, which is Netents biggest rival, was dominating the daily jackpot betting space. More people were ditching Netent for them because they prefer the daily jackpot. The purchase of Red Tiger, therefore, will be a massive advantage.

Red Tiger was known for its strength in daily jackpots. This is a huge boost for Netent who were struggling to keep up with Microgaming. Experts predict that the purchase of Red Tiger will help Netent grow by around 5.5% by the year 2025. This is good news for Netent owners and customers.

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